Our Services
Below is a list of some of our most commonly provided services. There are many more that we can and have provided for our clients. If the service you seek is Internet related and not listed below, please contact us.

Website Design & Development
We work with a very wide range of companies from small to large, thus the websites we develop have a wide range of cost. The smallest website we develop is about $1,000 and the largest this far was just over $20,000, however the average is just under $2,100.

New website development work is usually done on a bid basis. So, if you need a website built just contact us for a free bid.
Domain Name Registration
$35 per domain.
Domain Name Transfer
$35 per domain.
Website Hosting
Hosting Service
Capacity E-mail Addresses Annually Monthly Once Monthly Backup Service
50 MB 2 $145 $14.50 $37/mo
250 MB 10 $180 $18.00 $37/mo
500 MB 75 $270 $27.00 $60/mo
2 GB 100 $520 $52.00 $100/mo
Email Accounts Maintenance
$5 per email address.
Website Maintenance
See Hourly Rates.
Website Re-design
Work done per bid or hourly rate.
  Hourly Rates:
Our Standard hourly rate is $60.00.

There are several annual prepaid hourly maintenance plans available. Un-used time does not role over to the next month.

Prepaid Monthly Maintenance Packages
5 hrs 10 hrs 20 hrs
$250 $500 $1000
Website Backup Service (WBS)
The website backup service helps protect our clients websites and data. One or Two copies of your website and its data is made each month and stored in an off-site vault. Should your web server crash or some other disaster causes the loss of your website, it can be quickly brought back on-line using these backups.
Once Monthly Backup Service
Maximum Data 250 MB 500 MB 1 GB 2 GB
Monthly Fee $20 $60 $75 $100

Twice Monthly Backup Service
Maximum Data 250 MB 500 MB 1 GB 2 GB
Monthly Fee $35 $100 $130 $180
Website Upgrades to Dynamic & Interactive
Work done per bid or hourly rate.
Website Programming
See Hourly Rates.
Website Database Programming
See Hourly Rates.

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