Addy Web Management is owned and operated by Edward and Rebecca Addy who have been doing web design and management work since 1994. They have provided work for well over 100 businesses both large and small. They take pride in the quality of work that they provide and are known for bringing projects in on time and within budget. Here is a sample of our Portfolio.
Addy Web Management provides a wide variety of web design, maintenance and management services. They also provide other services for their clients that range from consulting to weekly and monthly data backup with offsite vault storage services.
Addy Web Management acts as its client's offsite web department. Managing our client's websites for far less than they could maintain an in-house department to do the work. Rather than pay hundreds of thousands for several full time employees (webmasters and programmers) to maintain your web presence internally, working through Addy Web Management you pay only for the time and materials used to complete the work you need done on your website, and no more. This allows you to operate your company much more efficiently and economically.

Addy Web Management is ready to complete your work quickly. When our clients need work done they simply email the changes or additions to us and we complete the work. Most work is completed in less then 24 hours from the time the work request is received. Because it is our practice to work with one person within your company authorized to make changes, communications remains efficient allowing work to be accomplished quickly.
Addy Web Management is located in Northeastern Minnesota, in the town of Aurora. With the communications technology available to us, we are able to serve clients from across the U.S. just as efficiently as we can clients located in our own town.
We invite you to contact us to see what we can do for you and to evaluate how much you will save. In today's tight economic times we can help you stretch your dollar and we can do it from right here in the U.S.

You can reach us by calling 218-305-4100 or by email using our Contact form.

Addy Web Management   P.O. Box 174,  Aurora, MN 55705    Phone: 218-305-4100