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Addy Web Management has 17 years of experience to ensure that your work gets done correctly. We provide a wide variety of services from website consulting to design, development and maintenance. We specialize in making regular websites dynamic and interactive. Serving businesses in the U.S. and Canada.

If your looking for your first website, need to give your existing website a complete new look, or just need an hour or so to get your existing website updated, call on us for the services you need.

Edward Says "It's time to mix a little fun and adventure with our work!"
As the company's owners Becky and I have been working on one project or another for the past 30 years and have decided that it's time to take a working holiday and go explore the USA, visiting old friends and clients while adding some new ones. There are so many things we want to see, like a sand dune, El Capitan mountain, a hot spring, caves, a cactus and good fishing spots. Seems like a lot of people live near something interesting and different then our local wonders of forests, lakes and iron mines. If you have something interesting to see in your area, let us hear about it, we might want to come and see it too. Use this Comment Form to tell us about it.

As we travel we will continue to do our web design work and provide all of our client website update and maintenance services. The advances in communications technology that allowed us to serve clients from across the country from our Aurora Minnesota office, now makes it possible for us to serve our clients while we travel. This opens an exciting new realm of possibilities.

We plan to start our adventure in October, so get your work scheduled soon.

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